BioNutrition - Certain Foods That Should Not Be In Your Diet(s)

Disease and Friends: Certain Foods Should Not Be In Your Diet(s)

You can-not be friends with certain food(s) that contributes to inflammation in the lining of the mucus membrane; as a result of cancer treatment, radiation or chemotherapy. Disease prevention is real life or death type stuff folks-it's a crisis. The swelling in the lining is called mucositis. Mucositis is a side effect, which disrupt(s) the integrity of the oral mucosa (i.e., inflammation in the lining of the mucus membrane). Not Good!

DBM Note #3: Children are three times more likely to be affected (Dixon, 2003). Food is medicine (1).

DBM Tip #3: Quickly, certain nutrients (vitamin C, E, and zinc) may have preventative and inhibitory effects on the development of mucositis. Contact a BioNutritional specialist for more information. 

As a guide, here is what you need to know: You (my dear/friend), and certain foods "CAN-NOT" be friends!

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Professor M. O. Dixon, Ph.D., CNS, LDN

d.b.a. Dr. O. Dixon, CNS, LDN

1. Food is medicine - Author-unknown, year ?

DBM is Dixon BioNutritional Metrics, LLC

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