BioNutrition, Disease Prevention, and Summer Time Treasures: Are You Beach Ready?

Before you go… Did you know: Oxidative Stress and Inflammation (OSI) contributes to prolonged disease recovery (1,2).

OSI is an imbalance between free radical-oxidants, and elimination of antioxidants (2). Basically, OSI leads to damage of cells (ex. lungs and/or skin). In combination (jointly), inflammation includes exposure to/from toxic chemicals like alcohol, allergens, tobacco and a high-caloric diet (2). (Huh?!?)

Specifically.... What’s up with your nutrition (i.e., consumption of high-caloric meals like fried foods and fast foods)?  You’re like…(insert comments-here!) 

The Basics: The body needs certain antioxidants, such as vitamins C (L-ascorbic acid), D3 (cholecalciferol), and don’t forget your “Reef-Safe” sunscreen lotion(s). 

Metrics Question #11 – Your ability to fit into old clothes is an “objective” method for measuring success or progress? True or False is it a metric?

(DBM Hint #11: A true measure is how (do) you feel? You measure what you treasure… Blessed/Stressed? Prepared/Scared? ... 

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Professor M. O. Dixon, Ph.D., CNS, LDN

Is it a metric? Stop Playing! Eat Well.

1. Kirklin, 1983

2. Reuter, 2010

DBM is Dixon BioNutritional Metrics, LLC

Michael Dixon